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Become a Professional Cuddler

Holding Space, LLC is looking for people who are interested in providing professional cuddling services. Professional cuddling experience is not required, but we are looking for people who have:

  • Some experience with professional touch (massage, teaching yoga, esthetician or beautician, or similar)

  • Some experience with holding space for others professionally (life coach, counselor, mentor, etc.)

  • Willingness to work with customers regardless of gender, sexual orientation, gender expression, size, national origin, race, age, ability, religion, or residency status.

  • Sufficient mobility to get in and out of a 6-foot beanbag chair and up and down from the floor.

  • Ability to get to the Holding Space, LLC offices in Carmel, IN.

  • Ability to maintain boundaries around time, payment, and platonic nature of all interaction.    


If you are interested in becoming a professional cuddler, please email or join our email list for information on upcoming training.               

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