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About Professional Cuddling

Professional cuddling is a platonic, nurturing therapy that provides comfort and helps clients relax.

We don’t often think of relaxation and connection as healing, but they have that potential. The parasympathetic nervous system, which is triggered when the body relaxes, is designed to reverse the damage done by stress. In our culture, which does not value relaxation, we may have never learned how to access that state.

Research shows that touch helps remove stress from both the body and the mind, making relaxation more accessible.

Professional cuddling can also help individuals who are struggling with an aversion to touch caused by negative past experiences or trauma. The strong boundaries and clear communication that come with working with a professional provides a safe environment for people to explore their own reactions.

Cuddling is not the same as coaching, but they go great together. The cuddling provides a visceral sense of being supported and nurtured, and the coaching provides tools for clients to make lasting changes in their lives.

Understanding boundaries and consent is also a part of the cuddling experience. Strengthening our boundaries gives us the ability to be generous and expansive without depleting our inner resources.


For more information about professional cuddling in general and Holding Space in particular, check out these resources:

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