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I told you my cuddling appointment was about what I expected, but there’s a more complete answer I’d like to share.  I expected that you would be professional and that it would be a good experience. You are an example of what a cuddler should be and I wish there were more people that care like you do.  I didn’t anticipate how much I would cherish a cuddling session. I had waited 4 years to experience professional cuddling and it was well worth the wait. The lift I felt from the oxytocin was more than amazing.  It is not an exaggeration to say my cuddling session was one of the best experiences of my life."

"Before working with Lisa, I'm was very touched starved. There is a lack of emotional intimacy and caring touch in my daily life. To help ease my "starving hunger pains for touch", I get a monthly massage that is slow, intentional, and therapeutic to "feed my mind, body, and soul". I do this to attempt to feel wanted, needed, and cared for; however, a massage doesn't reach the deep levels of intimacy that cuddling provides to me. For me, cuddling is what was needed to be able to release and heal old suppressed emotional pain and begin to thrive again in my emotional, spiritual, and physical bodies." 

I loved our last session. It is exactly what I have needed for so long. Some of the things I loved about it was hearing your heartbeat and feeling your breath. It was very comforting."

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